Cane pavillion in Festival HISTeRIA 2012

Cane pavillion
Between the days 28th of June, 2012 and 12th of July, 2012, the international event Festival HISTeRIA took place in Gračišče, in the South West of Slovenia, region of Istria.
ESFA, an association of students within the Escola de Arquitectura de Barcelona with a social vocation and a particular interest in vernacular techniques of construction, visited the festival with the mission of organizing a workshop in the construction with canes according to Canya Viva’s methodology.
Together with them, we built a pavillion out of Mediterreanean cane (Arundo donax) that was used in the festival as a place for children’s workshops and a resting area.
Material and expenses
The total expenses made were:
  • Natural rope 3 mm: 150 m
  • Natural rope 2 mm: 100 m approx
  • Black synthetic rope 5 mm: 300 m aprox
  • White synthetic rope 5 mm: 150 m aprox
Raw canes: 1960 units harvested
  • 600 units aprox peeled and assembled in arches
  • 200 units aprox peeled and assembled in panels
  • 300 units aprox peeled and assembled in nerves
  • 500 units aprox given to other projects in the festival
  • 360 units aprox with unknown end
Wood for auxiliary purposes:
  • 6 “tripods”
  • 2 panel frames
  • 5 poles
  • 40 stakes
Shading cloth: 100 sq m
  • 1 trip with a 5 m truck: 25 km
  • 6 trips with car: 25 km
Tools (provided by organization):
  • 2 maces
  • 3 ladders
  • 2 pikes
  • 2 shovels
  • 2 saws for wood or bamboo
  • 2 hammers
  • 2 appliers
  • 2 knives
  • 1 axe
  • 1 measuring tape (5 m)


In terms of human resources a total of 11 people were full time involved, of which:

5 people: Marc, Bruno, Rakel, Tamara and Ra were monitoring and organizing from beginning to the end.
6 people: Kristina, Matej, Nina, Sanja, Nastja and Matthias were participants who arrived at different stages of the construction.
Besides, some 5 volunteers in a non-constant basis helped in some tasks, particularly harvest and peeling (Sanja, Viggo, David, Uros…).
It is acknowledgeable the important task of Olga in the development and construction of the perimetral benches and that of Borut in the support during the harvest.
Thanks to all!!
A more detailed report was made for the occasion, and is available here:
The structure is still standing, and hopefully this year we will add some more nice constructions during HISTeRIA 2013.
For more info see:

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