Collaboration with Festival HISTeRIA 2013


After the great experience from HISTeRIA 2012, where in collaboration with ESFA-InvestigacioCanyera and CanyaViva we built a pavilion out of canes, this year Alitura has been appointed to coordinate the technical matters and preparatives for 2013!!!

We will be helping to build several objects with natural materials, coordinating the effort of volunteers and ensuring a smooth process for another edition of this very special event between the 29th June and 25th July.

Among others, the project includes:

  • A natural building house for material storage
  • Installation of wi-fi connection in collaboration with open-wlan Slovenia
  • Construction of composting eco-toilets
  • Construction of eco-showers and eco-basins
  • Building of shades with natural and recycled materials
  • Assembly of stages and several spaces for gathering and enjoy of the more than 2000 expected visitors

Weeell…let’s hope it all ends well!


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