Technical coordination of Festival HISTeRIA 2013

It has been almost a whole month lost in the forest, but eventually we made it.

Between 18th and 20th of July the Festival HISTeRIA 2013 has been celebrated and Alitura was there to help. Our mission: coordinate the construction, design and preparatory works of over 30 objects including stages, toilets, power lines and many others.


We were not alone: the people from the village, the HISTeRIA crew (all volunteers), the team of professional set designers coming from Czech Republic (also volunteering) and many others were there together with us in another magical edition.


The map below shows the location in the forest of the objects that, between the pre and post-festival periods (a total of four weeks), we have assembled and disassembled.

GračiščeAll together, the festival counted with 2000 visitors and about 300 contributors between workshop attendants and volunteers.

During the three days it lasted, 600 litres of diesel were needed to feed the mobile 80KW generator of a network with about 1200 meters of cable. Also, 200l of gasoline were necessary to feed the hungry 9KW extra generator that the length of the line forced us to use.

To compensate such unsustainable (yet necessary) forms of energy, about 10m³ of rubbish were separated and recycled into PET, aluminium, paper, mixed plastic and other form of rubbish.

Also a dry dish washing system based on bran was implemented in the backstage and was successfully used by 300 people. This allowed to recycle almost 80% of the about 20.000 l of used water, that was then recovered for plant watering. In order to clean the water, carbon filters were set and our Eco-team prepared eco soap that was available to all participants in our showers and lavatories.


Last, but not least, a set of six compost toilets was set in the backstage for usage during the preparatory and post-festival periods, collecting some 4 m³ of compostable material that will provide nutrients to the plants in the future edition.


More pictures on our Facebook page


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