Zelemenjava (crops2swap)

Zelemenjava is a civil initiative started in Ljubljana, Slovenia in 2013 by Darja Fišer. It is all about exchange – participants swap their home-grown produce (vegetables, seeds, preserves), but also experiences and advice, which enables them to “eat better, save money, reduce food waste and meet the neighbours” (copied from the official webpage). Zelemenjava is completely free, voluntary and solidary. In this way, it encourages local community-building, development of non-monetary economies and promotes self-sufficiency. The meetings are usually quite informal, with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and everybody can swap whatever they want with each other – the only rule is that money is not welcomed.

zelemenjava logoA lot of people think they have nothing to trade with, but produce for crop swaps can be found even on the smallest gardens or balconies. In case you don’t have any crops, you can always trade gardening books or a cookbook, or even some hand-made crafts. Given that a crop swap is easy to organize, the movement has soon spread all around Slovenia.

We are also organizing one – in Ilirska Bistrica, on the 1st of April. And no, it’s not an April Fools’ Day prank. ;)

More about Zelemenjava:




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