Alitura Bioarhitekturni center is a project whose aim is to experiment and research on building with natural materials, growing organic food and using renewable energy sources, in order to provide people with the knowledge how to be self-sufficient and independent.

Alitura logo

Alitura is based on four principles (which are at the same time four spheres that we work on):

  • Constructive Spirit – the idea of doing things in a constructive way; the sphere of building with natural materials
  • Good Food – the idea that healthy food is good for the body and the soul; the sphere of food sovereignity and organic food growing
  • Common Sense – the idea of working for the common good; the sphere of joint activities and collaboration, creating a community of people who work on related fields
  • Positive Energy – the idea of positive thinking and positive influence on the environment; the sphere of renawable energy sources

These four ideas and spheres of work are also represented in our logo.

Tamara and Ra

We are:

Ra is an architect currently working on a doctoral thesis in the field of structural dynamics. He is experienced in building and rehabilitation with natural materials, particularly wood and cane. His interests include alternative economies, renewable energy sources and smart electronics.

Tamara is an anthropologist and has recently completed Permaculture Design Course. She is interested in gardening and food growing, recycling and reusing, permaculture, and community building.